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Want supervised workouts & encouragement from a professional? Want the motivation from training with other people around too? Our HIIT workout is perfect for you! 

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Zumba Fitness Class


Improve heart and lung health

Increase endurance & motor fitness

Weight management

Better flexibility, agility, & coordination

Improve muscle tone & strength

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Why is DanceFit the best workout?

DanceFit workout can burn calories between 130 to 250 calories in 30 minutes, about the same as jogging, but more fun!


It's good for your heart, makes you stronger and it can help develop your balance and coordination.

Dance workout does not only help people to stay in physical shape in an engaging manner, but also improves your brain and mental health!


The reason why dance is an ideal workout is because it's a total body workout, working both you both physically & mentally.

What to expect?

Before we start the dance workout, we will start off with dynamic stretching to bump up the heart rate.


The reason is to prepare the muscles, warm up the nervous system, and take the muscles through their full range of motions.


We will be doing different types of DanceFit workouts such as K-pop, Pop, Funk and Hip hop.


Every session or class, we will change the workout to ensure variety for every session and try out different genre workouts.


In between the session, there will be water breaks to keep you hydrated and vitalized for the whole class.

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Fitness Class

What is the difference between zumba & DanceFit?

Zumba is a more traditional type of group dance which focuses mainly on Latin American dance and their music.


However, DanceFit does not limit itself to one style but incorporates a greater variety of dance styles and music.

What to bring:

  • Sports attire

  • Towel

  • Water bottle

  • Mask

  • Proper sports/training shoes

  • A will to learn & give it your all :)

Class SIzes

Normal class size:

3-5 pax*

Private class size:

Up to 4 pax*

*according to MOH's COVID-19 regulations

Fees & schedule

FREE Trial

Unsure if our DanceFit lessons are right for you? You can book a FREE trial with no strings attached!

Group Zumba Workout
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