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Arrow tennis

Our Purpose

Arrow Tennis provides tennis classes in Singapore to kids, teens, and adults at affordable rates.


The objective of Arrow Tennis is to make tennis lessons accessible in Singapore, and thereby cultivate a more sports-positive culture in Singapore. 

Our Program

We have a dedicated team of coaches who specialize in different stages of the tennis progression.


Our coaches are assessed regularly just as our students are to ensure that the quality of our classes is maintained across the program.


With a specially designed tennis progression pathway, Arrow Tennis has managed to provide all students with the opportunity for advancement in tennis in Singapore.

what we offer

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Kids Group tennis class

Our kids group tennis class are called Learn to Play Tennis (LTPT) Junior. It's suitable for ages 7 to 18, and consists of 4 progression levels.

Adults Learn to Play Tennis lessons are

Adults group tennis class

Our tennis group class for adults are called 'Learn to Play Tennis (LTPT) Adults' program. It's suitable for ages 19 and above, and consists of 2 levels.

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Kids Private tennis class

Our private lessons are suitable for kids who prefer personalized, focused tennis lessons with added flexibility and privacy.

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Adults private tennis class

Suitable for tennis players who wants personalized, focused lessons with privacy, and flexible locations.

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hitting partners

Need a tennis specialist to practice rallying & tennis strokes with? Book a partner that matches your skill level and your standards!


coach nigel

coach selan

coach mogun

coach daniel

coach joe

coach jarod

coach Rizal

coach Yang sian

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